Verbs ‘like’and ‘love’

1. like/love + noun

  • I like pizza.
  • She likes beer.
  • We like the sea.
  • I don’t like her.
  • He doesn’t like his teacher.
  • I love books.
  • Mimi loves music.
  • Susan and I love theatre.
  • I don’t love dark beer.
  • Anna doesn’t love big shopping centres.

2. like/love + -ing

  • I like playing computer games.
  • She likes doing yoga.
  • We like watching TV.
  • I don’t like playing football.
  • Tom doesn’t like swimming.
  • I love drinking water.
  • She loves walking in the park.
  • I don’t love going to school.
  • Anna doesn’t love drinking alcohol.


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