What I like to do in my free time

My free time is the weekend. I really like to sleep before lunch. Then I get up, prepare my breakfast and sit in my uncomfortable chair  and go on the Internet. I like reading news, blogs, stories in English. I really like reading everything in English. If the weather is fine I like to spend my time outside with my friends. In the summer I like riding my bicycle with my friend. His name is Juzepe. He doesn’t like riding for a long time. When we stop for a break, he loves drinking beer. I don’t love drinking beer and I drink water. In the winter I like winter sports in the mountain. I love going skiing but I’m not good skier. Also, when the weather is bad, I like to stay at home and I love watching films very much. I really like watching comedies, thrillers and adventures. My favourite adventure serial is Game of thrones. I love it! Sometimes I play video games on my console. I prefer games with cars or with an incredible story. But the most fun part is when I play PES with my friends. In my free time, I love reading books in English. Not everyone loves reading, especially in English.


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